Alexis Garrett Design creates distinctively livable SPACES handcrafted for modern splendor.

The San Diego-based boutique firm specializes in start-to-finish projects and limits its services to a few clients at a time. It’s a hands-on approach, freeing up the team to oversee every detail alongside the builders and architects. 

From specifications to the kitchen washboards gracing her homes, there is a fascination with function over adornment. Before establishing her company, Alexis earned stripes in commercial real estate design and in the trenches of a revered interior design firm, becoming fluent in the nuts and bolts while laying down her own aesthetic foundation.

A fifth-generation San Diegan, Alexis instinctively interprets “early California” into projects, be it Santa Barbara-style residences or contemporary farmhouses. With found treasures, layered fabrics and unexpected whimsy (repurposed roller rink floors, vintage surfboards) all of her homes are created for families to flourish. 

I want rooms to be used, fabrics to be worn and I want life to happen in the spaces I design.
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“From start to finish Alexis and her team made building and designing a home simple, stress free, and dare I say, fun. Alexis was involved from the start - even helped with the architectural side of our home. She oversaw all details throughout the build and finally (and my favorite part of the project) our home was turn key ready when we moved in. Everything from art hung to pillows fluffed. ADG went above and beyond to build our dream home! We couldn’t be happier!”

“The AGD Team designed a dream home for our family - beyond anything we could have imagined - combining magical vintage and modern pieces, light, art, and love. Every detail is stunning, yet still family-friendly, welcoming and warm. The entire process went smoothly, joyfully, and efficiently. Choosing AGD will forever remain the greatest gift we have given ourselves and the best investment in our family. AGD's beauty, creativity, and bliss shines within and outside of our walls as the backdrop we build our family's memories within. We are forever blessed by and thankful for AGD.”

“Our home renovation was a journey, a marathon, as Alexis put it… we got to simplify life to a trailer during construction, and Alexis helped us evaluate what was at the core of who we are as a family, how we wanted to live in our space together and how we wanted to welcome others into our home. Alexis has a gift for tailoring her expertise to fit the needs of her client. Blessed with a clean slate and only the studs of a couple walls, she helped us take a fresh perspective at rebuilding a house, but more importantly, recreating a home. Functionality, practicality and soul are woven together like a beautiful tapestry and I love when we get to share our gift with others. So many people walk away from our home loved, welcomed and at peace… “it just feels so good in here,” they say. Alexis created it, start to finish, with every detail planned on purpose to design an experience that guests are filled up by. Alexis dreamt every detail, from the vision process to installation, down to the placement of vases and candlelight. Alexis has a beautiful gift: anything she puts her hands on is better than it was before.”

“In our business it’s about our people, our process, and our product and you don’t get the last two without the first. Over the years we’ve worked with a few interior designers. They missed the first two and they spent most of their time on the product. Alexis spent most of her time on us. Before any decision or suggestion was made, she got to know our family. She asked and observed how we lived day to day. She picked up on the intuitive things that you can’t teach. She observed our mindset on life, the music we listened to, the art we liked, and the flow of our daily lives. And THEN she worked her process. She involved us in the big product decisions like appliances, lighting, some pieces of furniture (only so she could make sure she was on the right track.) From that point on, she took it from there. I also owe a huge thanks to Paul Munsch at Munsch Homes who referred us to her. They are amazingly collaborative and together they made architectural changes on the fly . They fought for us on pricing, quality, and most importantly to us, timing. I think the true validation of their work is the amazing number of people who have been a guests in our home and have asked us for the name of our interior designer and our builder- and for their numbers.”

“Alexis and the entire AGD team were a pleasure to work with in the remodel of our restaurant in Leucadia, Valentina. Her design work captured the look and feel we were trying to achieve perfectly. We continue to receive compliments about the décor of the restaurant. We especially appreciated her creative ideas to stay within our budget. We look forward to working with Alexis and AGD for future projects.”